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Dear All,
I had an accident that affected my wrist in February 2015. Since then one thing led to another; the doc found bone debris from an old fracture that is threatening my full recovery. Other health issue also cropped up and need immediate attention. Therefore it is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you I will not be taking any more custom orders for the remaining of the year. SORRY!!! :(

-Euphy 14 June 2015-

Below are the postings of my current and previous rubberstamp carvings.

Still rehabilitating

Binder used at the moment.  To facilitate agility.
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I had to complete this stamp despite still recuperating from the injury.  Carving was ok but steering the rubber with my left hand was a bit challenging.  The most worry comes from sawing the wood for rubberstamp mounting and sanding it smooth.  Since I was using wood machineries, the tremors shook my left wrist badly that it throbbed and increased the swelling.
So, the result of the assessment concludes I still need to wait for the wrist to get better before diving into rubberstamp making again.  Sorry peeps. 
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Closed until 16 Feb


I fell and hurt my left wrist. The doc has rendered it immobile till 16 Feb's review appointment.  Though I can still carve using my right hand, I wont be able to handle the tool for handlemaking; cutting, sanding, etc

Apart from that, my laptop is still not back to normal.
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Dear All,
My laptop crashed.  I am still waiting for a spare.  My files cant be accessed at the moment.  So, any inquiries will be responded with some delays.  All inconveniences are deeply regretted.

Have a good day ahead.  Thanks
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Nicky's WIP


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Yokesze's WIP


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Dilla's WIPs


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Dilla's 1st WIP


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Ai Wei's WIP


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Your Order Status

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How To Make An Order

Requirement Specification:
For customized hand-carved stamps, be as detailed as you can in your request; your design or mine, stamp size, font size, fontstyle, images, shape, stamp, quantity, expected receiving date, etc. Stamp prices varies according to the detail of your requests. Email me your detail requirement or fill in the form and I will quote accordingly. If you get the design from somebody else's blog, please obtain their permission first.

Spesifikasi Keperluan:
Maklumat awal yang saya perlukan untuk menyatakan harga chop adalah, samada anda ingin saya mengukir lakaran/teks yg anda hasilkan, ataupun anda mahu saya membuat lakaran/teks baru. Sekiranya anda ingin saya mengukir dari lakaran yg anda jumpa di blog seseorang, sila dapatkan kebenaran empunya terlebih dahulu. :) Nyatakan juga yg berikut: saiz chop yg diperlukan, bulat atau 4 segi, saiz teks, jenis font utk teks, dan tarikh chop diperlukan.

Pack n Post:
RM9 - Semenanjung Malaysia (SM)
RM13 - Sabah & Sarawak (SS)

If you are wondering why its higher than the Poslaju rate, please be informed, it is inclusive of these costs: driving to/from the post office, box material, wrapping paper, cellophane tapes, stationery, labour and risks.

Delivery Timeline:
Work on your stamp will only start once payment is made; either a deposit of 50% or in full. I usually take 14 working days to complete a stamp from payment is informed, except otherwise mentioned during consultation. TQ

Funds Transfer to Maybank (details will be provided via email after I receive your delivery address and contact details.)

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About Euphoria Craftwork

Euphoria Craftwork (EC) is a home-based crafter based in Malaysia. EC carve erasers and rubber sheets by hand and turn them into customized rubberstamps.

If you'd like to purchase one, kindly submit your sketch or artwork, but not somebody else's copyrighted work. By submitting your order, you will agree to be liable to any copyright claims arising from the production of your rubberstamps.

EC produces custom sized hand-carved rubberstamp. Our stamp handles are made from repurposed wood and our packaging from recycled boxes. Our advice to the viewers, if you are on a tight budget, please look for other options before making an order with EC. Our pricing is premium since we don't mass-produce our stamps. We carve each line by hand and do not have any industrial based machines that would give us the economies of scale. We also do not sell inkpads.