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Hi :)
Hope you are all good and standing tall. Euphoria Craftwork is not resuming operation any time soon. I'm currently looking at other business models that would minimize my carving hours and my use of electrical handheld machines. Future product: Custom-size rubberstamps (machine-produced)

-Euphy. 12 April 2016 -
Previous carvings:

Cupcake in your hair

Its a hairclip.  Yes.  It is.  No disputing ok. ;)
It is just one item, the cupcake attached to the 'heart' shape.
Work is still hectic so I cant do much serious crafting YET.

Below is the hairclip framed in Jaja's fancy tag holder that I won :)

I also went shopping last weekend. 
I went scouting for erasers and found some. 
I'll be testing them later.


waaaahhh..erasers!!! where did u buy those erasers? specially the big one at the left side.. :) ur such a super talented rubberstamp carverlah eupho! :)

jaja, aiyooo you are too kind with the pujian la.. I'm just a beginner carver.. heheh..

all the erasers are bought at Daiso but I havent tried them.. terbizi pulak hehe

bkn sng nk carve rubberstamp woo..kire tererlah tu..unikla tgk pemadam boleh ukir muke org etc..ase mcm nk ukir muke sendiri atas pemadam lak..hehehe..skrg mmglah br beginner, lame2 nnti dah pro..bayang2 dah nmpk dah tu..hehe

kalau kawan2 dah doakan camtu, terima kasih banyak2 :) semoga Allah memberikan barakah :)

kalau nak ukir, start from somewhere. kalau kita fikir je, tak jadi apa2.

ameen.. :) jaja pn tingin nk carve rubberstamp mcm eupho..unik sgtla..nk wat hobi mase lapang..rase mcm teruja pulak tgk eupho ukir rubberstamp yg cute2.. ;)

ok, then kita nantikan kemunculan stamp jaja lepas ni hihih..

insya..nnti bolela mntk komen frm sifu eupho..hehe ;)

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Requirement Specification:
For customized hand-carved stamps, be as detailed as you can in your request; your design or mine, stamp size, font size, fontstyle, images, shape, stamp, quantity, expected receiving date, etc. Stamp prices varies according to the detail of your requests. Email me your detail requirement or fill in the form and I will quote accordingly. If you get the design from somebody else's blog, please obtain their permission first.

Spesifikasi Keperluan:
Maklumat awal yang saya perlukan untuk menyatakan harga chop adalah, samada anda ingin saya mengukir lakaran/teks yg anda hasilkan, ataupun anda mahu saya membuat lakaran/teks baru. Sekiranya anda ingin saya mengukir dari lakaran yg anda jumpa di blog seseorang, sila dapatkan kebenaran empunya terlebih dahulu. :) Nyatakan juga yg berikut: saiz chop yg diperlukan, bulat atau 4 segi, saiz teks, jenis font utk teks, dan tarikh chop diperlukan.

Pack n Post:
RM9 - Semenanjung Malaysia (SM)
RM13 - Sabah & Sarawak (SS)

If you are wondering why its higher than the Poslaju rate, please be informed, it is inclusive of these costs: driving to/from the post office, box material, wrapping paper, cellophane tapes, stationery, labour and risks.

Delivery Timeline:
Work on your stamp will only start once payment is made; either a deposit of 50% or in full. I usually take 14 working days to complete a stamp from payment is informed, except otherwise mentioned during consultation. TQ

Funds Transfer to Maybank (details will be provided via email after I receive your delivery address and contact details.)

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Euphoria Craftwork (EC) is a home-based crafter based in Malaysia. EC carve erasers and rubber sheets by hand and turn them into customized rubberstamps.

If you'd like to purchase one, kindly submit your sketch or artwork, but not somebody else's copyrighted work. By submitting your order, you will agree to be liable to any copyright claims arising from the production of your rubberstamps.

EC produces custom sized hand-carved rubberstamp. Our stamp handles are made from repurposed wood and our packaging from recycled boxes. Our advice to the viewers, if you are on a tight budget, please look for other options before making an order with EC. Our pricing is premium since we don't mass-produce our stamps. We carve each line by hand and do not have any industrial based machines that would give us the economies of scale. We also do not sell inkpads.